REALITY. The most advanced Augmented Reality retail experience available.

Add unparalleled depth to the shopping experience

REALITY by Hinged Neuron allows your customers to see exactly what your products will look like in their living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else in their home, in full 3D and at their real-world size. Immerse your customers and increase your sales by allowing them to create a scene and walk around within it - then buy everything with a single click, or share a photo with their friends over social media!


Project your products directly into your customers' homes. Indispensable for e-commerce businesses or those short on display space.


Capture your customers' imaginations with unprecedented freedom to design their space with your products, and share the results via social media.

Sell More

Increase your conversion rates and organically cross-sell by suggesting products that complement those your customer is already viewing.

Think Outside The Box

REALITY is not just for retailers! Auctioneers, architects and designers can pitch their ideas and creations with greater immediacy and depth.

Reality Showcase

REALITY puts your product catalogue at your customers' finger tips. Users can view and interact with your items in a way that is intuitive, captivating - and entertaining! Never again will your customers be underwhelmed by static online photos; REALITY allows them to engage with your products on a completely new level. Encourage potential customers to view your products for longer, to browse further through your catalogue, and to check out complementary or alternative items.

REALITY provides the best, most convenient shopping experience for consumers. Add your catalogue to the REALITY app today, or commission a customised app with all menus and layouts branded for your company!


High Realism

Photorealistic virtual products, scaled to their real-world size.

Easy To Customize

Add your products to the REALITY app, or order your own app with all menus and layouts customised with your branding.

Dynamic Catalogues

Your customers will always see up-to-date product listings.

Shopping Cart

Check out with PayPal, or integrate with your company's own payment-processing service.

State Of The Art Design

Crisp, modern interface with intuitive product interactivity.

Social Media

Allow your customers to share your products with their friends directly from the app.

Complete Creative Freedom

View multiple products simultaneously, on multiple surfaces. Put a lamp on the table, a picture on the wall, an armchair in the corner. Design your entire space!


Gauge your customers interactions. Analyse your sales and conversion rates.

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Help & Support

REALITY comes with a comprehensive in-app tutorial. For advanced features and instructions, please follow the REALITY Help link below.

See the FAQ for general trouble shooting issues. For any other questions about Reality, please contact us at the address below.

We Are Everywhere

REALITY is the most powerful, advanced augmented REALITY retail app available. Order now and be ahead of the curve!

Available for Android. Apple iOS coming 2015.

About Us

REALITY was developed by Hinged Neuron, a company which specialises in mobile and cloud software. We are passionate about technology and its potential to reshape the way we live, work and play. REALITY is our offering in the Augmented Reality space, one of the most exciting emerging technologies which, we believe, will play an increasing role in both commerce and entertainment over the next several years. Like many people, we have often been disappointed when a product that seemed enticing on a retailer's website fails to live up to expectations when it arrives - either because it looks different than it did in its photographs, or because it doesn't fit where we had intended to put it. With REALITY, our aim is to make dissatisfied customers and returned products a thing of the past.